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In the late middle of June and early July, it will take place “Summer Golf Festival” in Nha Trang with a series of VGA-organized quality tournaments, with the companion of Vikoda’s drinking water.

Vikoda is a reputable brand in the central region of Vietnam, so it is always a trusted choice in this area. Therefore, participating in sponsoring drinking water for local social and sporty activities is always concentrated by the company’s Board of Directors to not only strengthen the company’s image but also to show its business contribution for responsibility for the general development of society.

Vikoda dai dien 26.6

Vikoda drinking water at press conference

Accompanying the parent company FIT Group to sponsor a series of golf tournaments organized by VGA in 2019, Vikoda is expressing the spirit of mutual support and strategic orientation that the parent company has set. In recent years, Vikoda has always actively participated in sponsoring social activities, especially sporty activities. With a number of domestic sports tournaments such as golf tournaments or other tournaments, Vikoda has become a familiar companion of attendees.

Aiming to become a strong Vietnamese brand, contributing to improving Vietnamese people’s health and determination to bring Vietnam’s natural mineral water to the world, in the future, besides researching and developing products, Vikoda will continue to accompany many social activities to look for an image of not only an efficient business but also a business towards sustainable development, in accordance with the orientation and practice that FIT Group sets up for all companies in the same system.