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250 sets of rice and 200 moon cakes were handed out to patients and their families in July Sharing at National Pediatric Hospital.

The regular charity activity in July continued to come to the children at the National Pediatric Hospital on Saturday morning, July 13th. 250 meals and 200 moon cakes were handed to the patients and patients’ families by FIT, Com Yeu Thuong group and Ms Chi who is FIT’s food expert.

FIT 15.7

FIT’s officers at the National Pediatric Hospital in the morning of July 13

FIT’s team and Com Yeu Thuong team hope to share spiritually with the children through small meals and help patients quickly get a good health.

FIT 15.7.2

250 rice and 200 moon cakes were given to the patients

Love sharing is the traditional activity of FIT and takes place once a month at hospitals and social protection centers in areas where FIT operates. Responsibility to society and community is always one of the orientations determined by FIT in the process of enterprises’ formation and development.

FIT 15.7.3

FIT and Loving Rice co-organized by Love Sharing activity in July

In the coming time, FIT will continue voluntary activities for community to build a civilized society and sustainable development.