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On the morning of February 21, 2020, Cuu Long Pharmacy organized a gift giving program to support people against the Covid epidemic – 19.

Started from Jan 31st, 2020, the day when WHO declared a global medical emergency, the Covid-19 epidemic became more and more complex, the number of people infected and dying increased day by day. Facing with complicated developments of the newly identified strain respiratory epidemic Covid – 19, as an prestigious pharmaceutical brand for more than 40 years in Vietnam market, besides the mission of caring and protecting the health of Vietnamese people, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical made great efforts to produce and supply the best products to the market, carried out the corporate social responsibilities with people to prevent the epidemic transmission.

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On the morning of February 21st, 2020, the Board of Directors, the Party Committee, the Administration Department, Trade Union, Youth Union of Cuu Long Pharmacy organized the program “Giving support gifts to people in preventing Covid disease – 19 ”. The event was held right in front of the corporate headquarters. The program drawn more than 500 people. It owns the desire to convey the message “Protecting yourselves means protecting your family and society” to the local people, besides guiding how to prevent diseases effectively as regularly washing hands with soap or antibacterial liquid, eye drops, nose drops, use antiseptic candy, use drinking products that increase resistance, wear masks in crowded places … .; Cuu Long Pharmaceutical also distributes 300 gifts to people, each gift includes products of Cuu Long Pharmaceutical and its subsidiaries of FIT Group, such as: Ascorbic Acid Vitamin C 500mg to increase resistance. , Paracetamol Cold Treatment 500mg, medical masks and hand wash Dr. Clean …

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After the program, Mr. Bay, representative of the local people shared: “Gifts like these for the people will help us to overcome this disease. I would like to give thanks to the program organizers. Hopefully the company will have such meaningful programs for us to push back Covid 19 as well as ward off other diseases in the future. ”

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Eversince becoming a member of FIT Group, alongwith a large investment in infrastructure, equipment and machinery from the parent company, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical has been constantly researching and improving product quality, offering the best product lines to support and protect the health of the community, laying the foundation for the mission to become a prestigious pharmaceutical company, which is highly appreciated by patients, staff and partners in Vietnam. In addition to business and production activities, Cuu Long Pharmaceutical will have been  carrying out corporate social responsibilities, sharing our values ​​with the community, and promoting the traditions of humanity as addressed directions from the parent company – FIT Group.